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Visitor insights and Revenue generation for Websites

Promoter Score

Measure the relationship with your visitors to correlate with revenue growth.

Automate Revenue Growth

Use our marketing automation tools to show your visitors ads, promotions, videos and more to help your generate growth through sales or 3rd party offers.

Cut Development Costs

Don’t waste time developing an in-house user- dashboard, ROI based analytics tools or a marketing automation layer. We have all that!

Viral Loops

Create viral-loops with one click. Social sharing, promotions and inbound marketing, we Gotcha.

Insight Based Content Creation

Ask your visitors anything and use it to create infographics or get content ideas for new articles and content.

Cut Marketing Time

Trigger automated if-this-then-that tools like: emails, trigger coupons, popups, iframe and more. Set it, forget it.

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“Gotcha completly changed our marketing strategy and revenue models. We never believed our biggest revenue model will be selling wedding dresses off our digital platform.”

Automatic marketing triggers like magic!

Adi Margalit

Wedivite.com Marketing Director

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