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One platform to help different types of customers, markets and use-cases

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Increase answer rates by 300%+!

Promoter Score

Measure the relationship with your users to correlate with revenue growth.

Discover New Insights Daily

Ask web visitors anything and use it to create, anaylze and discover new insights and trends on any website or web-app.

9 Query Types

With Gotcha’s micro-surveys, you can build any type of survey with follow-up questions and 9 query types.

Reward Participants

Create viral-loops with one click. Reward survey participants with automated triggers.

Designed Insights Page

Save time and efforts when generating reports or presenting new ideas and trends.

1-Min Install

You can install Gotcha on many websites in under 1-min and customize the look & feel.

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What is your household income?

How do you hope _______ will make your life better?

Where do you go when you are looking for _______?

“Gotcha completly changed our marketing strategy and revenue models. We never believed our biggest revenue model will be selling wedding dresses off our digital platform.”

Automatic marketing triggers like magic!

Adi Margalit

Wedivite.com Marketing Director

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