Product Features

Micro survey demo

Bite-Size Survey Questions

Our patent-pending micro-surveys show once per visit, on set intervals. This increases answer rates and fills an entire survey over time.

One-click answers

Each query requires only one click to answer, this sets expectations and maximizes answer rates.

100% customizable

Our in-app surveys and triggers are built to fit your brand or product.

Positive Reinforcement

Each micro-survey ends with a positive reinforcement, encouraging users to engage more with your product.

Big Survey, Small Bites

Our patent-pending surveys show only one question per visit on set intervals, motivating your users to fill an entire survey without noticing it.

user dashboard

Meet Your Users

Our user-dashboard will help you get to know your users personally and recognize early adopters, promoters of your product, churning users & more.

trends and insights dashboard

Discover Insights & Trends

New insights and trends are generated every minute based on your users’ answers, behavior and personality. Get an overview of your growth potential and forecast.

Automate your marketing with triggers

Automate Your Marketing Workflow

Trigger a wide varaity of in-site tools using IF-THIS-THEN-THAT rules. Increase retention, build revenue models, promote videos and more. If you can dream it, you can trigger it.

Real-time monitor

Motivate Your Staff In Real-Time

Our real-time monitor helps motivate your team while keeping track on what’s going on in your product.

Full Feature List

  1. Fully customizable widget
  2. Patent pending widget show algorithm
  3. Gamification models
  4. Custom queries
  5. Track queries by answer rate
  6. Custom reporting
  7. Live engagement web monitor
  8. Custom if-this-than-that triggers
  9. User engagement score
  10. Flag paying users
  11. 24/7 Support
  12. Encryption of sensitive data
  13. HTTPS for all pages
  14. User profile pages
  15. Custom user data
  16. Filters
  17. Export users to csv
  18. Search users by free text
  19. Full mobile support
  20. Older browser support, even IE6! 😱
  21. No software prerequisites (other than JS)
  22. No interference of any other events on page

If you can dream it, you can trigger it.

If a user loves the color red, show a coupon for all red items on your site.
If this is a user’s first visit, show a cookie disclaimer
If a user visited more than 10 times, show social sharing buttons to make him a promoter.
If a user didn’t understand your product fully, show a YouTube explainer video.
If a user loves to cook, show a 3rd party affiliate offer for cooking products.

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