Gotcha Query Types

Query = Micro Survey Question

Gotcha employs the same question/query types you already know and love. Furthermore, you can set Rules for every query to show only if another query was answered and in what manner. This means follow-up question are easy to create.
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Rating Scale
These queries are great at engaging users. Rating Scale is the simplest and easiest questions to answer. Users simply rate their answer on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 stands for amazing). Use Rating Scale to rate your features, services, FAQs, Support and basically, anything.

VS Queries
With VS queries you discover users’ taste and preferences in an engaging way. Use VS to build personas and understand your target audience deeply. These kind of questions are hard to resist.

Open Text
Use Open Text queries to let your users speak their mind. Open Text queries are great for understanding your products’ market and target audience.

Promoter Score
Find which users will be more likely to engage with your product and share it with their friends.

Color Selection
Ask users for their favorite colors and offer them products with the same color or test your website’s design and themes.


Single Selection
These questions are a very effective assessment technique. When there is more than one correct answer to your question, Single Selection makes it easy to answer and helps you to find what the majority of your users feel, need or think.

Single Selection ICON
Same as Single Selection but with icons you can select from Gotcha’s library. Users love answering questions with icons.

Multiple Selection
Give your users the option to select more than one answer and discover multiple insights in one question. Multiple Selection queries are good at discovering users’ taste and personality.

Date Picker
Ask users for birthday dates, anniversaries and get to know them more personally.