Frequently asked questions

When we load a preview of your site in the Gotcha Query Editor, you may see a warning that reads: “We have loaded your site using compatibility mode because it’s not served through HTTPS. This does not effect your live site or the edited query, it’s only the preview window here that might look broken.”

Gotcha Query Preview loads your site in compatibility mode when it’s not able to load all of the content on your page. As a result, some styling and content may not display correctly, and content in iFrames may not render in the Preview. If you have insecure (HTTP) content being loaded into a secure (HTTPS) page or frame, it may be blocked as well.

Important: This only affects the Gotcha Query Editor Preview, not your live site or future queries.

How compatibility mode works

In September 2013, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox implemented a new default setting that blocks “active mixed content.” This is a security feature that prevents secure (HTTPS) websites from being attacked. If an HTTPS page has insecure (HTTP) content inside of it and that content is “active” (i.e. JavaScript or CSS), then the insecure active content can be intercepted, compromised, and used to glean data from the secure (HTTPS) part of the page.

Why does this affect how Gotcha Query Editor Preview loads sites?

If an insecure (HTTP) site that you load into the Preview is compromised, it can compromise your Gotcha account. Gotcha’s Preview is always loaded securely via HTTPS to protect your data.

If you try to load an insecure site (e.g. http://www.example.com instead of https://www.example.com) into Gotcha’s Query Editor Preview, your site will be loaded through our proxy server. This is because the Gotcha’s dashboard protocol is HTTPS, and the page you’re trying to load is HTTP. Our proxy will sometimes remove parts of your site that he cannot secure. This does not affect your live site, only the local preview version you see in the Editor Preview is effected.

We currently support all LTR (Left-to-right) languages, RTL support coming up soon.
You just add your own custom queries, in your own language and that’s it.

You can use Gotcha for surveying your users and your visitors. Anonymous Visitors will be named a funny animal so you can identify them easily.

Make sure to remove the name and email from Gotcha’s code

/* Replace the following with logged-in user's info or remove entirely */
	name: "John Doe",
	email: "user@domain.com",


Gotcha’s algorithm is very smart, it finds the right moment to show your users the right question. All you have to do is to set the intervals between one question to another. If you select to show questions every 3 visits, your users will be pitched with a question in the 3rd visit, 6th visit and so on.

Yep, it’s really free. We believe in small startups to drive our future economy. Sign up for our forever free starter plan with 30 days trial on the growing plan, no credit card required.

Gotcha offers simple and fair pricing that scales with your app or website. We’ll bill your credit card every month based on your subscription which caps on the number of users in your account. Your account will never be automaticlly upgraded.

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