Better Surveys

It’s 300% better at getting answers

We invented a better way to get answers from your users. In fact, it’s 300% better! Growing your website or web-app with Gotcha is fun and addictive, Our bite-sized surveys are effective and non-intrusive.

Gamification poured into every micro-survey.

One-click answers

Each query requires only one click to answer, this sets expectations and maximizes answer rates.

100% customizable

Our in-app surveys and triggers are built to fit your brand or product.

Micro-survey highlights

Positive Reinforcement

Each micro-survey ends with a positive reinforcement, encouraging users to engage more with your product.

Big Survey, Small Bites

Our patent-pending surveys show only one question per visit on set intervals. This motivates users to fill an entire survey without noticing it.

Lean development, get feedback from your users

Cut the guesswork.

“Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.” - Ash Maurya

Base your business decisions on customer insights. Drive growth and iterate smarter. A LEAN startup is geared towards reducing waste and creating real value. Gotcha helps you prioritize features, discover new revenue models, automate your marketing based on personality and more.

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Automatic marketing triggers like magic!

Automagic marketing triggers

Become a growth-magician without bothering your developers

Who said you need development skills to growth hack your product? Gotcha adds a layer of marketing automation to your site, fueled by users’ behavior.

Become the magician you were always meant to be

Trigger IF-THIS-THEN-THAT popups, lead forms, coupons, videos and emails
based on users’ behaviour and personality.

Trigger Banners Trigger Popups Trigger Videos Trigger Social Promotion Trigger Lead Generation Forms Trigger Coupons

“Gotcha completly changed our marketing strategy and revenue models. We never believed our biggest revenue model will be selling wedding dresses off our digital platform.”

Automatic marketing triggers like magic!

Adi Margalit Marketing Director

Let's go, it’s time to meet your users.

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